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_1320178 beginning of parade_1320182 parade route_1282836 intersection_1282843 Kinlee Baker leads colorguard_1320197 proud blue band leads-off_1320202 Brady Floyd and Savana Smith_1320205 Ethan Presley and Kameran Farmham_1320207 Brandon Hayes and Jenna Castillo_1320209 Carson Dickens and Sarah Smith_1320212 Sierra Williams and Gustavo Olvera_1320215 jrs Kylee Harris and Carlos Flores_1320220 sophomores Isis Murlin and Colden Wilson_1320224 freshmen Kori Hammond and Preston Flores_1282870 jh cheer_1282876 health science_1320241 Annabelle Popex mugs_1282882 ffa_1282890 little dogs_1320263 mini cheer_1320271 parade approaches courthouse
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