_A170047 Alyssa Murdock receives_A170121 Lainey Teel blocks_A170141 Bailee Bishop receives_A170148 Piper Hallman bumps_A170182 Bailee Bishop winds-up_A170193 Alexis Wilmut serves_A170223 Bailee Bishop and Hailey Crutchfeild defend net_A170226 Lainey Teel serves_A170228 Alyssa Murdock bumps_A170236 Hailey Crutchfield blocks_A170242 Hailey Crutchfield slams_A170293 Kallit Trimble tips_A170311 Lainey Wright tips_A170315 Lainey Wright winds-upP_094967 Kalli Trimble setsP_095015 Lainey Teel hitsP_095034 Alyssa Murdock digsP_095042 Hailey Crutchfield hitsP_095044 Erin Langston setsP_095067 Alexis Wilmut hits
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