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_1263106 lady jackets pregame_1443448 Mylee Fischer and Faith Acker tip-off_1443453 Macy Fischer scores_1443464 Macy Fischer defends_1263124 Mylee Fsicher shoots_1443492 Paris Spigner breaks_1443500 Macy Fischer loose fight_1263160 Sophia Houge and Macy Fischer trap_1443544 Tanner Hartzog blocked by Faith Acker_1443559 Paris Spigner escapes trap_1443594 Kyra Jackson breaks_1443600 lady jacket defense_1443604 Sophia Houge defends_1443620 Paris Spigner steals_1443629 Macy Fischer shoots three_1263203 Mylee Fischer passes to Carmen Carrasco_1263206 Carmen Carrasco passes in lane_1263210 Sophia Houge passes_1263218 Carmen Carrasco and Paris Spigner press_1263232 Paris Spigner and Sophia Houge press
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