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_1419829 first responders_1419840 Mylee Fischer tipoff_1419868 trap_1419876 swarm_1419906 Allie Berry and Addison Marcee steal from Mylee Fischer_1230092 loose ball_1230097 Mylee Fischer presses Kaysi Parker_1230104 Ashley Davis defends Kyra Jackson_1230113 Allie Berry passes past Paris Spigner_1230122 Kyra Jackson drives by Madyson Pence_1419936 Jayla Jackson shoots over Ashley Davis_1230162 Annabell Popek contests shot of Macy Fischer_1419950 Addison Marcee shoots three over Macy Fischer_1419952 Jayla Jackson lines-up three_1419972 Paris Spigner and Jayla Jackson press Kaysi Parker_1419976 Allie Berry shoots by Mylee Fischer_1419988 Kyra Jackson and Ashley Davis watched_1419990 Kyra Jackson shoots three_1419994 Annabelle Popek rebounds_1230169 Carmen Carrasco drives on Madyson Pence
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