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_1003092 Ava Burroughs 14 kills it_1003097 Alexis Oneal digs_1003111 Lady Bulldogs celebrate point_1201227 Ava Burroughs elevates_1201272 Kaysi Parker hits_1201299 Brooklyn Marcee 7 spikes_1201318 Ava Burroughs impresses mom_1201325 Madyson Pence hits_1201332 Madyson Pence 3 bumps_1201337 Carley Spears and Ava Burroughs defend net_1201353 Carley Spears laughs w family_1201363 the Marcees stride_1201377 Ava Burroughs looks at dad_1201383 Alexis Oneal looks at dad_1201390 manager Delaney
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