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_1259275 Michael Lacy 2B throws_1259297 Easton Campbell SS grounder_1259327 Easton Campbell swings_1259331 Chaelton Cook delivers_1259377 Gavin Dailey 1B tags-out pick-off_1259385 Michael Lacy 2B throws_1259389 Connor Gibson 3B catches chopper_1259426 Chaelton Cook P tosses to 1B_1259432 Tyler Perez catches low pitch_1259436 Nick Hallman LF throws_1259448 Tyler Perez tags out runner at home_1259460 Micah Smith swings_1136600 Chaelton Cook gets sign_1136625 Michael Lacy 2B catches toss_1136632 Chaelton Cook bats_1136655 Connor Gibson attempts tag
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