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_1442791 Paris Spigner passes_1442809 Macy Fischer drives_1442880 Mylee Fischer blocks_1242749 Macy Fischer converts steal to points_1242752 Paris Spigner steals_1242760 Mylee Fischer shoots_1242783 Kyra Jackson scores_1242798 Macy Fischer drives_1242800 Macy Fischer scores_1242803 Jayla Jackson shoots_1252838 Carmen Carrasco shoots_1252841 Macy Fischer and Carmen Carraso press_1252846 Macy Fischer earns free-throws_1252858 Macy Fischer drives after pump-fake_1262793 Sophia Hogue deflects pass_1442922 Mylee Fischer and Sophia Hogue trap_1442940 Tanner Hartzog fouled shooting_1442960 Macy Fischer free-throw_1442967 Jayla Jackson hits three_1443020 Carmen Carrasco and Paris Spigner press
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