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_1160500 Jayla Jackson bump-sets_1160519 Mylee Fischer tips_1160527 Tashara Stephens coaches Shylah Kratzmeyer digs_1276760 Shylah Kratzmeyer digs_1276780 Macy Fischer serves_1276784 Gracie Finley kills_1276789 celebrating kill_1276794 Gracie Finley at net_1160585 Paris Spigner bumps_1160586 Olivia Hughes hits_1276830 Jayla Jackson and Mylee Fischer block_1276856 Mylee Fischer bumps_1276873 Paris Spigner bumps_1276900 Mylee Fischer blocks_1160599 Jayla Jackson winds-up_1160613 Mylee Fischer and Jocelyn Whitehead defend_1160625 Jocelyn Whitehead hits_1271800 Gracie Finley winds-up_1271806 Kyra Jackson and Gracie Finley defend_1160648 Olivia Hughes bums-sets
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