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_1214507 Coy Anderson 4 and JJ Gandy 15 lead pregame_1214523 TJ Moreland throws to 5 Brady Shrum_1214536 DJ Newsome 42 blocks for Dawson Pendergrass 22 for TD on 4th and short_1214656 Dawson Pendergrass punts_1214697 JJ Gandy 15 returns kickoff_1214742 TJ Moreland throws_1214779 Nate Griffin 52 tackles_1214789 Coy Anderson 4 and Cole Thompson 63 upend trojan_1214811 Dawson Pendergrass persues trojan_1015270 Maddie Tucker takes bow_1015286 go jackets_1214941 Dawson Pendergrass 22 stiffarms_1214963 Coy Anderson 4 tackles trojan
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