P_098527 Keke Martin free throwP_098548 Keke Martin shootsP_098550 Caden Rupert drives baselineP_098567 little jackets join varsity cheerP_098591 Ainsley Steward and Colton McMahon pressP_098637 McMahon chases Alley outletP_098644 Colton McMahon finishes comebackP_098646 Colton McMahon ties game at fifty_C123465 Caden Rupert and Ainsley Steward trap_C123467 Ainsley Steward shoots three_C123486 Keke Martin contests three_C123491 Ainsley Steward shoots three_C123508 Keke Martin lays-up_C123520 Keke Martin breaks_C123523 Keke Martin separates_C123534 Ryan Steadman coaches Braelyn Geremonte and Colton McMahon trapping_C123536 Ainsley Steward passes_C123546 little jackets join varsity cheer_C123557 Braydon Alley blocks shot_C123564 Ainsley Steward and Caden Rupert trap
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