_1044862_1044870 Zane Phillips free throw_1044870_1044876_1044880 Braydon Alley contested_1044880_2062370 Braydon Alley and Aidan Shepherd rebounds_1044889 Braydon Alley challenged_1044889_1044894 Keke Martin shoots_1044894_1044917 Ainsley Steward dribbles_1044918_2062413 Zane Phillips lays-up_2062414 Caidon Beck applies pressure_2062427 Braelyn Geremonte pump-fakes_1044928 little jackets_2062433 Braydon Alley navigates devils_2062441 Zane Phillips denies post_2062448 Caden Rupert lays-up
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