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_1245546 Kalli Trimble recovers_1245550 Mylee Fischer blocks Cacie Lennon_1245558 Macy Fischer bumps_1245582 Kloey Garcia serves_1159565 Paris Spigner digs_1159578 Alyssa Murdock saves_1271679 Hailey Crutchfield hits_1271698 Lainey Teel hits_1159644 Kamrin Wright digs_1159646 Alyssa Murdock digs_1159653 Shylah Kratzmeyer bumps_1245654 Jocelyn Whitehead and Cacie Lennon at net_1245665 Olivia Hughes sets_1245672 Mylee Fischer saves_1245675 Kyra Jackson bump sets_1245682 Mylee Fischer tips over Kalli Trimble and Lainey Teel_1245689 Gracie Finley hits to Skyler West and Kalli Trimble_1245708 Skyler West digs_1245717 Skyler West hits_1255766 Kyra Jackson blocks Bailee Bishop
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