_B102981 Carmen Carrasco first point of season ft_B102994 trap_B102997 Jaeyla Dennis follows-thru ft_B103007 Carmen Carrasco steals_B103011 Carmen Carrasco looks upcourt on break_B103016 Jaeyla Dennis pushes into front court_B103023 Macy Fischer and Mahayla McMahon defend_1703402 Kyra Jackson driving layup_1703418 Mahayla McMahon shoots jumper_1703422 Sophia Hogue passes to Kyra Jackson_1703432 struggle_1703447 bench boost_1703475 Jayla Jackson passes_1703491 Mahayla McMahon rebounds_1703507 Mahayla McMahon pickpockets_1703518 Macy Fischer turns corner_1703521 timeout_1703529 Jaeyla Dennis top of key_1703538 Macy Fischer passes baseline_1703551 Jaeyla Dennis shoots three
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