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_1230199 Brady Floyd shoots jumper_1230210 Braydon Alley secures steal_1230218 Keke Martin and Dawson Pendergrass press Levi Thompson_1230234 Braydon Alley defends Brandon Hayes_1230237 TJ Moreland breaks away from Brandon Hayes_1230264 Dawson Pendergrass beats Garin Kissinger and halftime buzzer_1230272 Carter Smith defends Xzavien Lipscomb_1230284 Braydon Alley rebounds over Garin Kissinger_1420106 Dawson Pendergrass and Landon Richey pregame sportsmen_1420125 Dawson Pendergrass steals from Carter Smith_1420143 Keke Martin guards Levi Thompson_1420175 Keke Martin scores baseline_1420178 Carley Tucker shoots Dawson Pendergrass guarding Levi Thomson_1420187 Dawson Pendergrass and Brady Floyd dive_1420271 Dawson Pendergrass attempts third dunk_1420281 Dawson Pendergrass attempts third dunk_1420281 Dawson Pendergrass attempts- third dunk_1420312 TJ Moreland scores_1420344 Ainsley Steward lays-up_1420352 Xzavien Lipscomb drives by Carter Smith
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