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_1171345 Brooklyn Marcee warming up at state_1171467 Brooklyn Marcee attacks pole vault state_1171541 Brooklyn Marcee prepares to attempt 12-6 pole vault state_1260564 Brooklyn Marcee clears 11ft state pole vault_1260585 Brooklyn Marcee clears 11-6 state pole vault_1260625 Brooklyn Marcee clears 12ft state pole vault_1260634 crowd reacts to Brooklyn Marcee clearing 12ft_1136839 Olivia Hughes awaits starts 800m state_1136872 Olivia Hughes runs 800m state_1136915 Brooklyn Marcee runs 100m hurdles state_1136940 Brooklyn Marcee runs 100m hurdles state_1136945 Brooklyn Marcee finishes 100m hurdles state_1171646 Kozbie Riley awaits 4x400m relay state_1171723 Olivia Hughes roots Kozbie Riley off start line 4x400m relay state_1171741 Kozbie Riley starts 4x400m relay state_1136991 Kozbie Riley passes baton to Olivia Hughes 4x400m relay state_1136992 Olivia Hughes passes baton to Carmen Carrasco 4x400m relay state_1136996 Carmen Carrasco passes baton to Shylah Kratzmeyer 4x400m relay state_1260696 Cason Johnson starts 4x400m relay state_1172038 Cason Johnson passes baton to Dalton Crowson 4x400m relay state
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