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_1059254 Thomas Sabedra long jump_1059270 a-g triple-jumper_1059274 Addison Marcee triple-jumps_1059294 a-g long-jumper_1059311 Hope Wiley triple-jump landing_1059335 Bonnie Vander Schaaf triple-jumps_1059339 q long-jumper_1059340 q long-jumper_1059349 Thomas Sabedra long-jumps_1059358 Cacie Lennon starts 4x100m relay_1059374 Addison Marcee and Gracie Teel finish 4x100m relay_1059382 q n ag JVboys 4x100m relay_1059407 Thomas Sabedra and Boedy Baker take 2nd leg 4x100_1059435 JV boys 800meters_1059448 Brandon Jiminez 800m_1059455 qab 800meters_1059462 Bella Crawford and Ruby Bringard 100m hurdles_1059471 Bella Crawford and Ruby Bringard 100m hurdles_1059480 Bella Crawford 100m hurdles_1059503 Savana Smith and Bonnie Vander Schaff w a-g 100m hurdlers
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