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_1277078 goalpost at sunset_1277095 pregame entry_1277194 TJ Moreland rushes_1277199 Braydon Alley runs screen_1277210 TJ Moreland passes_1277218 Dawson Pendergrass breaks_1277220 Dawson Pendergrass lowers_1277286 TJ Moreland tackles_1277299 DJ Newsome sweats qb_1277326 Cason Davis catches wheel_1277340 rush game_1277359 sack28_1277363 Dawson Pendergrass intercepts pick-six_1277385 Dawson Pendrgrass sheds qb for pick-six_1277411 Mario Bautista tackles_1277446 Tanner Crenshaw 60 Isaiah Gardner 53 and David Reyes 70 block for Dawson Pendergrass 22_1277473 Paul Stanley sacks qb_1277476 Tanner Crenshaw and Mario Bautista assist Paul Stanley for sack_1161116 drumline_1161117 calling for response
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