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_1509238 Michael Lacy ss fields grounder_1509290 Glen Hartley excited about lead-off triple_1509305 Glen Hartley celebrates first run_1509343 Tyler Perez swings_1509360 Glen Hartley cf fields fly_1509438 Michael Lacy snags bounce_1509442 Boogie Trimble 2b tosses to first_1509451 Easton Campbell hits_1509468 Donald McVay steals second_1509470 Donald McVay steals second_1519517 Easton Campbell deals_1529240 Easton Campbell winds-up_1529243 Easton Campbell delivers_1529262 Hatch Campbell connects_1529305 panther dugout rally caps_1529339 Tyler Perez plays bounce_1529361 Easton Campbell loud out_1529394 Boogie Trimble tags pickler for last out_1529410 panthers celebrate win
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