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_1185571 Mylee Fischer sets_1185574 Olivia Hughes hits_1185594 Mylee Fischer sets_1185600 Shylah Kratzmeyer digs_1185608 Olivia Hughes winds-up_1185671 Olivia Hughes digs_1185672 Olivia Hughes digs_1185677 Kloey Garcia digs_1353876 Shylah Kratzmeyer saves_1353904 Gracie Finley hits_1185704 Jocelyn Whitehead hits_1353944 Mylee Fischer tips_1353952 Shylah Kratzmeyer digs_1353994 Jayla Jackson and Mylee Fischer block_1364028 Jocelyn Whitehead hits_1364056 Macy Fischer and Paris Spigner crunch_1364060 Paris Spigner bumps_1364070 Mylee Fischer and Jocelyn Whitehead defend net_1364085 Shylah Kratzmeyer bumps_1364139 Jayla Jackson decoys for Mylee Fischer hit
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