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_1047290 Addison Marcee lays-up_1047302 Ashley Davis eyes Reiny Lumin in post_1047311 Kaysi Parker puts-back_1047322 Ashley Davis lays-up_1047324 Allie Berry passes to Madyson Pence_1047354 Allie Berry and Sadie VanderSchaaf trap_1047357 Madyson Pence hits three_1047360 Madyson Pence shocked by blocking call_1047366 Madyson Pence applauds charging call_1047382 Ashley Davis contests pass_1047395 Madyson Pence free throws after knee injury_1047404 Sadie VanderSchaaf and Addison Marcee press_1236058 Sadie VanderSchaaf fires three_1236062 Reiny Luman jumper_1236069 Sadie VanderSchaaf lays-up_1236079 Carley Spears shoots three_1236084 Kaysi Parker loose ball_1236095 Carley Spears and one_1236112 Sadie VanderSchaaf goes for steal_1236120 Allie Berry short range
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