_2062227 Fischers_1034615 McQuarry and Fischers_1034622 lady jackets_1034630 Macy Fischer warms-up_2062242 lady jackets ssb_2062251 Mahayla McMahon acticipates tip_2062253 Mahayla McMahon wins tip_1034634 Jayla Jackson shoots_1034642 Kali Chrietzberg rebounds_2062273 Kali Chrietzberg disrupts_2062300 Jaeyla Dennis defends_2062303 Carolina Castleberry pressures_1034675 Macy Fischer inbounds_1034673 cheer_1034657 cheer_2062316 little jackets_1034685 little dribblers_1034687 Mahayla McMahon jumper_1034692_1034713
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