_1508562 pre-game prep_1508617 Cason Davis swings_1508625 Carson Dickens catches foul-tip_1508701 jackets celebrate first run scored by Brady Shrum_1508710 3b Justin Matthews throws to 1b_1508712 Tommy Drinkwine catches out_1508740 Carson Dickens tags out Matthew Ballew_1508745 Tommy Drinkwine bunts_1508780 Spencer Joyner fields grounder_1508782 Cason Davis swings_1508792 Landon Richey pitches_1508801 take_1508862 Kaden Bell pitches complete game shutout_1508871 Kaden Bell pitches complete game shutout_1508906 Landon Green connects_1508942 Kaden Bell pitches complete game shutout_1508986 sun sets on baseball season_1509010 Dalton Hamlin catches pop-fly_1509053 Jacob Castleberry bunts on_1509072 Payton Sapp turns two assisted by Davis Watson as Jacob Castleberry slides
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