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_1056217 aSupt David Sauer pregame_1101674 trevion sneed postgame_1102426 Trevion Sneed 23 stiffarm_1102430 Trevion Sneed 23 eyes endzone_1102491 touchdown ritual_1102512 Drew Robertson 9 and Trevion Sneed swarm_1102577 Hunter Wright 40 and Kaleb Barton tackle_1102668 Trevion Sneed 23 homecoming TD_1102694 Dawson Pendergrass 22 and Julian Ramos 6 tackle_1102820 disco dancer_1103055 coaching point_1103163 Thomas Hooten 1 ob_1103194 Kobe Kendrick 24 rb_1113253 Hunter Wright 40 sportsmanlike conduct
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