_1575057 flag bearers_1575095 little jackets_1575112 Blackwells and jackets_1575127 Jase Blackwell tosses coins_1575192 jackets force fumble_1575232 Edgar Rubio and Moses Medellin eye fumble_1575241 Moses Medellin escorted to endzone by Mario Bautista and Edgar Rubio_1575276 Colton McMahon jukes mustang_1575281 Colton McMahon sheds mustang_1575298 Trenton Sealy cuts_1575318 Braydon Alley hurdles_1575325 Braydon Alley jukes to endzone_1585412 Moses Medellina nd Paul Stanley stuff run_1585442 Myah Joyner has arm_1585463 Ainsley Steward hauls in pass_1585464 Ainsley Steward hauls in pass_1585478 Colton McMahon broken up_1585534 Trevor Singletary targets Braydon Alley_1585540 pass tips fingers of Bradyon Alley_1585685 Juan Villanueva stops run