_9190242 Lainey Wright bumps_9190261 Alyssa Murdock and Piper Hallman return_9190268 Lainey Teel at net_9190312 Lainey Teel spikes_9190325 Lainey Teel sends_9190347 Kalli Trimble winds-upP_092441 Piper Hallman digsP_092452 Kalli Trimble setsP_092477 Kalli Trimble and Lainey Teel net_9190391 Bailee Bishop hitsP_092487 Lainey Wright reachesP_092499 Lainey Wright hitsP_092537 Alyssa Murdock digs_9190428 Kalli Trimble and Lainey Teel netP_092552 Piper Hallman savesP_092555 Lainey Teel and Alexis Wilmut defend netP_092584 Alyssa Murdock receivesP_092588 Lainey Wright sends winnerP_092596 Hailey Crutchfield hitsP_092602 Bailee Bishop hits
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