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_1126042 coach Ashlee Lingo gushes_1126051 center stage_1126056 the Marcees_1126058 seniors22_1126065 parental pride_1126086 powerlifters_1126096 mile relay_1126109 adadjustment_1136114 coaches Blake Hamrick and Devin Shaw and Ashlee Lingo with Brooklyn Marcee_1136123 the Cornells_1136133 Brooklyn Marcee and Wyatt Hightower_1136135 Brooklyn Marcee signs letter of intent_1136147 Brooklyn Marcee signed_1136154 Brooklyn Marcee signs letter of intent_1259153 eyeing coach_1259174 jump coach pride_1259177 Brooklyn Marcee signs letter of intent_1259207 Brooklyn instructs Wyatt_1259223 on a silver platter_1259230 coach Ashlee Lingo and Brooklyn Marcee
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