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_1185227 senior night for Sofia Tannebaum_1185258 Sofia Tannebaum hugs coach Allison Head_1185271 lady dogs pre-game_1185279 Peyton Kruckner bumps_1185293 Addison Marcee and Abby Day crossed-up_1185311 Allie Berry saves_1185365 Peyton Kruckner rescues errant pass_1185398 Kallie Hoover serves_1185402 Addison Marcee mid-hit_1342794 Kallie Hoover and Sofia Tannebaum laugh_1342829 Sofia Tannebaum tips_1342846 lady dogs watch Addison Marcee_1342852 Emilee Baker spikes_1342853 Emilee Baker spikes_1342860 Addison Marcee bumps_1342865 Allie Berry spikes_1342870 Ashley Davis receives_1342876 Addison Marcee recovers_1342883 Annabelle Popex tips_1342899 Kallie Hoover eyes dig
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