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_1058610 Dawson Pendergrass out-tips Hunter Jordan_1058632 Brady Floyd shoots over Xzavien Lipscomb_1058639 Dawson Pendergrass guards Hunter Jordan_1058671 Stephen Ogueri scores on Justin Matthews_1058684 TJ Moreland free throw_1058691 Xzavien Lipscomb dives for ball_1058703 Stephen Ogueri out-rebounds Justin Matthews and Hunter Jordan et al_1247602 Dawson Pendergrass finishes alley-oop_1247634 loose ball_1247639 Levi Thompson shoots over Xzavien Lipscomb_1247692 Xzavien Lipscomb gets 3 free to end 3rd_1247702 TJ Moreland shoots over Ford Tannebaum_1247738 Dawson Pendergrass blocks Levi Thompson_1247748 Garin Kissinger chases Hunter Vandover
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