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_1002799 Ava Burroughs 14 spikes at Mylee Fischer_1002818 Brooklyn Marcee hits into Hugheses_1002828 Kozbie Riley 2 tips to Ashley Davis_1002836 Mylee Fischer hits at Ava Burroughs_1002843 Olivia Hughes bump set_1002899 lady bulldogs celebrate point_1002905 Kenleigh Aguirre digs_1002907 Mylee Fischer bumps_1002915 Addison Marcee bumps_1002924 Carley Spears chases_1002926 Alexis Oneal bumps_1002949 Ava Burroughs hits_1002954 Alexis Oneal digs_1002959 Gracie Finley hits_1002974 Kaysi Parker spikes_1002979 Ava Burroughs tips over Mylee Fischer_1002983 Lady Bulldogs 2021 after swatting Yellowjackets_1200657 Ava Burroughs and Ashley Davis challenge Jocelyn Whitehead_1200659 Mylee Fischer reaches_1200662 Gracie Finley and Olivia Hughes challenge Ava Burroughs
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