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_1113813 tree off_1113819 Caleb Peurifoy tees off_1113845 Gwyn Cressman tees off 16_1113849 Madison McGill putts_1113851 16th tee_1113859 Jaylin Smith putts on 16_1113860 putter on 16th_1113865 Robert Johnson tees off_1113878 Robert Johnson putts_1113889 Monte Bruington approaches 1st_1113894 Cody Perry escapes tree_1113900 Cody Perry putts on 1st_1113903 3rd tee_1113912 horses behind 2nd tee_1113920 horses behind 2nd tee_1113924 4th tee_1113939 Jaylin Smith aproaches 8th_1113955 approach to 10th_1113962 8th tee backup_1113964 putter
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