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_1069178 Mineola XC applauds before race_1069182 Madyson Pence jockies off line_1069188 Mineola sisters start_1069189 Lady Jackets start off_1069191 Madyson Pence starts off_1203544 Raquel Hughes and Shylah Kratzmeyer among pack_1069212 Madyson Pence approaches finish_1203553 Olivia Hughes and Shylah Kratzmeyer run closing stretch_1203555 Olivia and Shylah and Hannah in last leg_1203563 Shylah Kratzmeyer paces Hannah Zoch_1203568 Shylah Kratzmeyer eyes finish line_1203575 Hannah Zoch runs_1069233 Keilee Riley trails Kapri_1069234 Kapri Riley runs just ahead of Keilee_1203581 Kapri Riley on homestretch_1203590 Keilee Riley nears finish_1203602 Riley Weekly finishes strong_1203615 Riley Weekly perspires_1203629 Raquel Hughes sees finish_1203638 Raquel Hughes take final steps