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_1092668 Kyra Jackson drives_1092703 Mylee Fischer lays-up into Faith Acker_1092730 Paris Spigner shoots_1092740 Macy Fischer shoots_1092745 Macy Fischer contested_1092768 Macy Fischer shoots_1092773 Kapri Riley shoots three_1092780 Macy Fischer drives to hoop_1092785 Jacksons celebrate and-one by Macy_1092798 Kapri Riley secures loose ball_1092801 Kapri Riley passes to Jayla Jackson_1092809 lady jackets swarm_1092818 Kyra Jackson pushes_1092829 Mylee Fischer lays-up_1092841 Kapri Riley shoots three_1092857 Jayla Jackson shoots three_1092862 Jayla Jackson pulls-up_1092866 Kapri Riley board battle_1092884 Jayla Jackson presses_1080927 Kyra Jackson drives
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