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_1000577 Lee shows hay_1000481 Sunni Ruffin displays knife_1067670 lot one_1000478 lot three_1067692 lot eight_1067672 first place_1067715 mineola themed raffle_1197629 raffle items_1067734 signature moment_1067760 Hunter Wernecke holds hay high_1067722 Kelly Conley checks list_1000485 Kelly Conley auctions_1000537 Kelly Conley points_1000540 making a mark_1000559 Kelly Conley asks for five_1000605 a Huff of laughter_1067778 Conley makes Huff laugh_1000644 Tim Moffett is jolly_1000652 Tim Moffett winks_1000660 Tim Moffett jokes
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