_1197437 Levi Thompson behind-the-back_1197446 Thomas Sabedra rebounds_1197485 Payton Sapp drives_1197508 Ethan Presley and Hunter Jacobs board battle_1197532 layup15_1197534 Thomas Sabedra drives_1197538 Carter Smith dribbles_1386582 Levi Thompson elbow_1386587 Brady Floyd dribbles_1386593 Brady Floyd jumper_1386598 Levi Thompson drives_1386617 Payton Sapp and Carter Smith trap_1386645 Ethan Presley lays-up_1386672 Cody Wilson coaches Levi Thompson_1386707 Carter Smith floor time_1386719 Levi Thompson lays-up_1386735 Hunter Jacobs lays-up_1386750 bulldogs celebrate three-pointer