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_1003651 Carley Spears sets Ava Burroughs_1003760 Ava Burroughs digs_1003779 Ava Burroughs tips_1003792 Ava Burroughs blocks_1003823 Kaysi Parker tips by d_1003832 Carley Spears sets it high_1003861 Alexis Oneal bumps_1202606 Madyson Pence hits_1202615 Kaysi Parker lobs_1202646 Alexis Oneal tips_1202660 Brooklyn Marcee digs_1202712 Ava Burroughs spikes to open court_1202716 Ava Burroughs wins net battle_1202733 Brooklyn Marcee hits_1202745 Brooklyn Marcee spikes_1202802 Ashley Davis hits_1202815 Kaysi Parker swings_1202829 Addison Marcee makes diving save_1202832 Carley Spears converts Marcee save_1202852 Ava Burroughs at net
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