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_1299612 Aiden Gilber and Gavin Terry tackle_1299673 Jason Langston pressures qb_1299674 Jason Langston pressures qb_1299735 Brayden Randolph meets qb goal line_1299780 Luke Sutton affects pass_1299784 group effort_1299813 snares_1299819 tubas_1162874 Lizzie Whitecotton tosses saber_1299824 trumpet_1299837 Jerry Skinner pressures qb_1299847 Jerry Skinner eyes endzone_1299891 Luke Sutton stretches for yardage_1309913 Jerry Skinner and Jason Langston sack_1309945 Gavin Parker sheds wolf_1172968 Luke Sutton blocks edge for Glen Hartley_1172991 Easton Campbell throws to Sam Olsen_1173009 Luke Sutton turns catch upfield_1173052 Glen Hartley rushing touchdown
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