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_1159702 Addison Marcee catches fly_1159738 Addison Marcee and coach Catie Glenn_1169810 Kennedi Elmore 3B late tag_1169814 infielders watch reliever warm-up_1169831 Kennedi Elmore winds-up_1169867 Reiny Luman throws to 1b_1169883 Reiny Luman hits_1169903 Kennedi Elmore pitches_1169928 Larkin Spears catches_1169958 Larkin Spears fouls-off_1170003 Carley Spears swings_1170056 right field fly_1170071 Addison Marcee throws_1170100 Addison Marcee approaches infield hit_1170112 Alexis Oneal swings_1170138 Peyton Kruckner connects for runs_1170144 Addison Marcee heads home_1170154 Peyton Kruckner scores_1170214 Sofia Tannebaum 1b catches pop-up_1170240 AD Shane Webber