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_1294416 Adam Blalock tackles_1294433 cheer_1294438 Keke Martin catches_1294453 Xzavien Lipscomb blocks for Dawson Pendergrass_1294461 Hunter Wernecke holds for Noah Turner_1294512 DJ Newsome seeks out screen_1294521 Adam Blalock and co tackle_1294565 Chris Rossie and Isaiah Gardner converge_1294576 Chris Rossie chases fumble_1294623 battle plate_1294625 Keke Martin returns kickoff_1294633 Braydon Alley rounds end_1294645 Dawson Pendergrass carry yards_1294665 rainy day fans_1294690 Keke Martin and Noah Turner celebrate rainy fg_1294693 band boosters_1294696 Jim Best and sound of the swarm_1294709 Cameron Bussell and directors_1294714 halftime fight song_1294721 Maddy Tucker concludes halftime
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