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_1058093 Kamrin Wright passes to Cacie Lennon_1058117 Cacie Lennon pushes_1058152 Kylie Kennedy shoots_1058156 Kamrin Wright steals_1058162 Cacie Lennon lays-in_1058180 Alexis Wilmut battles_1058227 Erin Langston presses_1058242 Kalli Trimble earns free throws_1058253 Kamrin Wright and Jade Kruse press_1058270 Kamrin Wright scores_1058292 Erin Langston defends_1247021 Kalli Trimble dribbles_1247061 Kamrin Wright aggressive defense_1247159 Cacie Lennon facilitates_1247165 Kylie Kennedy rebounds_1247168 Bailee Bishop shoots
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