_4056924 passing time_4056929 waiting for umps_4056933 Boogie Trimble swings_4056948 Easton Campbell spoils_4056950 Easton Campbell tips_4056957 Tucker Samples turns_4056970 Mason Smith winds-up_4056976 Mason Smith winds-up_4056982 Ayden Blalock fields grounder_4056989 Ayden Blalock throws first_4057029 Michael Lacy tags out_4057028 Michael Lacy tags out_4057042 Easton Campbell catches_4057055 Easton Campbell catches_1128625 Boogie Trimble hitting_1128631 Michael Lacy rounds second_1128740 just beyond reach of Ayden Blalock_4057100 Cooper Christian throws_1128746 Easton Campbell visits Mason Smith on mound_1128748 Easton Campbell visits Mason Smith on mound
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