_9293282 Ainsley Steward wraps-up_9293305 Ainsley Steward blocks for Braydon Alley_9293310 Colton McMahon catches_9293454 Colton McMahon sheds cardinal_9293611 Edgar Rubio sacks_9293713 brass and colorguard_1619736-40hdr swarm_9293767 percussionP_093185 toss_1619746 trialsP_093194 rockers_1619796-800hdr fineP_093249 Colton McMahon jukes cards_9293801 Braydon Alley cuts to endzoneP_093270 Eddit Guerra and Paul Stanley assist Chris RossieP_093319 quiet momentsP_093373 time slowsP_093419 jackets prayP_093428 Colton McMahon catches td_9293895 Maria Buatista and Xavier Harding tackle