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_1092423 Kennedi Elmore backhand_1092455 Carmyn Heim SS_1092460 Reiny Luman hits_1092462 Allie Hooten RF throws_1092464 Kennedi Elmore hits_1092472 Ashley Davis pops_1092504 Peyton Kruckner connects_1092513 Lauren Simmons tags Alexis Oneal_1092525 Alexis Oneal pitches_1102530 Carmyn Heim pops-up_1102561 Aubree Smith pitches_1102569 Aubree Smith pitches to Ashley Davis_1102575 Ashley Davis scores_1102603 Jaycee Smith hits_1102617 Addison Marcee chops_1102628 Alexis Oneal flies to center_1102634 Kenleigh Aguirre snags fly_1102635 Kenleigh Aguirre snags fly_1102670 Ashley Davis squares_1102674 Gracie Lindley bunts