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_1092305 Stephen Ogueri shoots_1092309 Keke Martin defensive pressure_1092324 Dawson Pendergrass lays-up_1092361 Xzavien Lipscomb shoots jumper_1092393 TJ Moreland fouled driving_1092417 Dawson Pendergrass scores_1092425 Keke Martin hits three_1092430 jacket faithful celebrate three by Keke Martin_1092437 Dawson Pendergrass secures sweaty rebound_1092487 Keke Martin shoots three_1092495 TJ Moreland shoots_1092514 Hunter Vandover shoots three_1092518 Stephen Ogueri earns free-throws_1092562 Braydon Alley shoots_1092566 Braydon Alley free-throw_1092574 TJ Moreland calm at line_1092588 TJ Moreland free-throw_1092610 jackets win_1092613 JaMarcus Kennedy and jackets jubilant after district championship_1092620 coach Jaylon Harper and Dawson Pendergrass celebrate district championship
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