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_1113216 Vandover and Moreland defend_1113228 Dawson Pendergrass lays-up_1113233 Hunter Vandover hits shot_1113244 Conner Gibson shoots three_1113256 Keke Martin shoots three_1113293 Xzavien Lipscomb jump-pass_1113299 TJ Moreland dribbles_1113365 Hunter Vandover drives_1113383 Dawson Pendergrass fouled shooting_1113388 Xzavien Lipscomb lays-up_1113407 Pendergrass and Alley defend_1113475 Stephen Ogueri blocks_1113529 TJ Moreland shoots floater_1113541 Keke Martin saves seconds_1113564 Hunter Vandover pushes_1113640 Hunter Vandover stops clock_1113651 TJ Moreland hits late three
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