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_1218930 Annabell Popek and Ashley Davis rebound_1218937 Larkin Spears breaks_1218962 Allie Berry rebounds_1218969 Madyson Pence draws contact_1218977 Ashley Davis secures turnover_1218986 Kaysi Parker and Larkin Spears press_1228996 Sadie Vander Schaaf scores and one_1229003 Kaysi Parker shoots_1398167 Annabell Popek intercepts_1398171 Larkin Spears and Ashley Davis trap_1398177 Sadie Vander Schaaf drives via Kaysi Parker screen_1398178 Allie Berry free throw_1398181 Allie Berry drives_1398197 Allie Berry steals_1398200 Ashley Davis fouled shooting_1398204 Addison Marcee scraps defence_1398207 Annabelle Popek breaks away_1398216 Larkin Spears outlets
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