_1113720 Sarah Smith squeegees_1113723 quitman bulldogs tennis court puddle_1113730 squeegeeing the courts_1113747 Wood and Bautista play_1113762 Mario Bautista reaches_1113769 Buddy Ruffin hits_1113796 Ethan Reynolds at net_1113822 Mario Bautista serves_1113874 Seth Castro volleys_1114021 Jack Heard volleys_1114079 Sunni Ruffin forehand_1114091 Ethan Reynolds hits_1114096 Austin Tanner backhands_1114120 Jack Heard volleys_1114132 Jack Heard groundstoke_1114144 Sunni Ruffin at net_1114145 Sunni Ruffin volleys_1114166 dusty footsteps on hardcourt_1114182 Sunni Ruffin serves_1114184 Jack Heard at net