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_1229401 Sadie Vander Schaaf blocks_1229451 Allie Berry jump-stops_1229455 Larkin Spears drives baseline_1229474 Allie Berry ties-up_1229494 Kaysi Parker rebounds_1408916 Kaysi Parker fights for loose ball_1408925 Madyson Pence takes charge_1408950 Addison Marcee drives baseline_1408956 Madyson Pence drives_1408976 Kaysi Parker free throw_1409019 Larkin Spears shoots three_1409033 Addison Marcee drives_1409038 Allie Berry and Addison Marcee trap mtv mvp_1409043 Ashley Davis defends sideline_1409051 Annabelle Popek shoots three_1409061 Kaysi Parker contests shot_1409065 mtv mvp shoots_1409069 Sadie Vander Schaaf ties-up_1409070 Annabellel Popek splits defenders
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