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_1234238 Maxx Davis coin toss_1234270 Jerry Skinner and Wyatt Sutton tackle_1234287 Conner Gibson blocks Donald McVay carries_1234294 run game_1234303 Payton Dickinson around end_1234372 Braylon Moffet tackles_1234399 Cason Wiser blocks Easton Campbell throws_1234406 Conner Gibson plows_1234413 Tyler Perez escorts Easton Campbell to endzone_1234475 go panthers_1234477 lights out_1234482 cheer_1234502 Glen Hartley catches td_1234516 fumble_1234520 Jerry Skinner recovers fumble_1234541 fumble_1234563 Jaxton Carver and Jett Kruse tackle_1234579 Donald McVay blocks for Glenn Hartley_1159244 drum major Hatch Campbell_1234655 Maxx Davis sax
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