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_1159919 Dawson Pendergrass scores td_1160026 Edgar Rubio sacks qb_1160069 jackets celebrate_1160080 jackets celebrate_1256022 TJ Moreland runs to endzone_1256034 Noah Turner kicks onside_1256052 Edgar Rubio signals Corde Berry fumble recovery_1256064 Corde Berry recovered fumble_1256086 Dawson Pendergrass eyes defender_1256109 jackets chase mustang_1256136 Dawson Pendergrass cuts_1256163 jackets d rush_1256164 David Reyes 4th down sack_1256176 Dawson Pendergrass runs td_1256189 Dawson Pendergrass scores_1256268 Noah Turner kicks onside_1256272 scrum_1256300 loose_1256306 Mario Bautista kick hands_1256338 Mario Bautista wraps
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