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_1183156 Hannah Wright 24 shoots_1183165 Hannah Wright 24 scores_1183212 Hannah Wright 24 and Kamrin Wright 14 trap_1057934 boys back lady panthers_1183272 boys back lady panthers_1183281 Cacie Lennon 2 shoots_1183283 Kalli Wright 3 and Hannah Wright 24 jump_1183319 Bella Crawford 1 handle_1183342 Bella Crawford 1 shoots_1183368 Autumn Whitten 10 shoots_1183405 Cacie Lennon 2 wrestles_1183410 Kalli Wright 3 strong_1183441 Cacie Lennon and Bella Crawford embrace_1183444 Kalli Wright and Autumn Whitten done_1183456 coach Dale Clement embraces Kalli Wright
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